You might have heard of SHALMIAK before in connection with creative designs and colorful fabrics. SHALMIAK has literally turned a new leaf and now develops high quality loose leaf teas with pure ingredients coming from the clean and beautiful Finnish nature.

SHALMIAK combines the best ethically and naturally produced teas from the East to the unique berries and fresh herbs from the West (=in this case meaning Finland). SHALMIAK relies on simplicity and uses only a handful of real ingredients in its teas – nothing fake, pretend or extra.

These unique teas are packed in little boxes handmade sustainably of PEFC-certified Finnish pine wood. These boxes are little treasures that can be used to store teas or anything else. But when it is time to discard them they won’t leave any traces behind. SHALMIAK considers every detail of its products with respect for nature.

SHALMIAK tea includes…

  • high-quality tea – ethical and natural
  • Finnish berries and herbs known as superfood
  • wrapped in a compostable NatureFlex bag to ensure freshness
  • packed in a box made with high quality Finnish craftmanship, PEFC certified Finnish pine wood and unique Finnish design
  • sealed with kraft paper labels made of recycled material

However, it is not just about tea. It is about experiencing authentic tastes and scents from the unique Finnish nature… Every box is a little piece of Finland. Enjoy it with all your senses and make every sip of tea a moment you will always remember.

Have a sip of Finland… 

Best wishes,
SHALMIAK / Sari Ahokainen